Program for Spring 2015

Alira and (our boats) are quiet, tied with ropes on the ground, we often go to Pescara, our port for this winter 2015. It's cold and the Skippers perform some work on board, the idea of being on board a sailing ship comes back after consuming something hot. The boats of "Velainsieme" are in place, just some checks on referrals and installations, expects the Sun to return to draw its arc of light, from Dawn to Sunset. We would like to have people on board to make the journey that separates us from the island of Corfu. We will have the opportunity to stop along the Italian coast that goes from Pescara to after the Strait of Otranto, we know the places having passed through in the past. The writer is , the Skipper of . After several years of navigation in the Tyrrhenian Sea I passed there, this time the direction would be the opposite from that of then in fact from the North we will descend to the South with the current in favor. Since embarking crews when you are in transfer can be complicated, the connections between land and sea can become complicated to follow and therefore our proposal is: travel costs, the galley, the diesel necessary for when the wind does not want to give, the marinas to the need, to the crew, we put the competence and the means. We ask 120 euros per day per boat for the rental of the same, the costs for food, diesel and marina are to be agreed depending on the type of navigation that is undertaken. Contacts with our boats to join the transfer: ALIRA: Leo Luongo Phone: +39 338 14 374 10 @e-mail: