Longest days in Ithaca

Don't miss the chance to fully enjoy the longest days of the year at sea, sailing between Ithaca and the islands of the Greek Ionian Sea.

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Outline program

From Sami (base port in Kefalonia, reachable by plane or ferry), we head north with a stop in the bay, in the evening we reach Fiscardo here we can dine by boat or reach Fiscardo on foot.

In the morning we head on the white cliffs northwest of Ithaca, then we reach Kioni, beautiful village and beautiful bay.

The next morning we bet on Atokos icing on the cake with its beautiful One house bay. Day of sea and relaxation and maybe late a bonfire on the beach.

Off to discover Kalamos and Kastos, and then again passing through Atokos to dive into an exclusive bay. Stop for Vathi Ithaca with its natural harbor, the largest in Europe.

From here route back to the southeast to finally arrive in Sami.

We will prefer to travel sailing, stop in the bay to enjoy the sea, nature and cuisine on board. Some stops with attached tavern will be appreciated. If the crew agrees, you could decide to head to Zakynthos for a week dedicated to the exploration of this island and the southern part of Kefalonia.

We will divide the navigation and cooking tasks. We will respect places attentive to eco-sustainability. The route may change due to weather conditions.


– 1 June / 21 June – 14 September / 27 September 450€ – 22 June / 19 July – 24 August / 13 September 500€


To confirm participation in the programs of Velainsieme ASD requires a deposit equal to 1/3 of the total cost to be paid by the day of boarding, the deposit is to be paid to the account in the name of VELAINSIEME A.S.D.

You will be (included in the fee) associated with the ASD Velainsieme, for the definition of which we need your C.F. and personal details: residence, date of birth, place, telephone numbers.

Accommodation by boat

The boat has 2 double cabins (double) a cabin with 4 seats (if occupied by adults only for a maximum of 3 people) and a single cabin (generally occupied by the assistant skipper). An extra charge is required to occupy only one cabin.

Useful Info

The following are excluded from the expense fee:

  • Travel to and from the embarkation point
  • diesel consumption
  • galley and any marina

We prefer to sail with the help of Aeolus, so the costs of diesel will be reduced, on average on the route in those islands per week the cost is around € 50 (to be shared with the whole crew),

as for the marinas the cost if there is is small: the port of embarkation and disembarkation is at our expense load, for the rest you can spend from 15 to 20 € per day, except in the marina of Lefkas where you spend € 65, there are various situations of small marinas managed directly by taverns that offer mooring with water and services on land in exchange for a dinner at them (with quite competitive prices compared to ours).

Basically the boat is in Sami on the north / east coast of Kefalonia, reachable by ferry or plane, if you arrive by plane there are 33km of road to Sami reachable by bus or taxi, on this point we will update because, as in past years, we had a car available for small transfers, max 3 people.

The boarding dates coincide with Tuesday, the return arrives by Monday. It is possible to stay an extra night before boarding or after disembarking (unless unavailable) with a cost of € 25 per person and per night.



Kefalonia airport is about 10 kilometers from Argostoli, the island's capital, and can be easily reached by taxi, car or bus.

Direct low cost flights to Kefalonia from Italy have recently been intensified thanks to Ryanair which operates flights from Pisa "Galileo Galilei" and from Bergamo "Orio a Serio" and Easyjet which connects the island directly to Milan "Malpensa". Very frequent in high season, in low, such low cost flights are guaranteed at least once a week from March to October.

In the absence of direct flights from Italy, you can stop at Athens airport and take the connection to Kefalonia. Flights Athens-Kefalonia (duration of about 45 minutes) are always available at least once a day, but are more frequent during the summer season, when there are also flights from other cities in Greece.

Getting to Kefalonia by boat


To reach Kefalonia by boat from Italy there are several options:

• direct ferries Brindisi-Kefalonia (operated only by the company Endeavour Lines) that dock at the port of Sami.

• ferries from Bari, Ancona or Venice with a stopover in Patras or Igoumenitsa

With a stopover in Patras: take a ferry that goes directly to the port of Sami in Kefalonia (3.5 hours).

With a stopover in Igoumenitsa: you have to move to Lefkas, and here you can choose whether to embark from Nidri or continue to Vassiliki. Both Nidri and Vassiliki depart local ferries to Fiskardo (northern tip of Kefalonia). Alternatively, from Igoumenitsa you can go down to Astakos, where there are daily routes to the port of Sami (2.5 hours).


From Athens you have to reach Patras by bus or car (2.5 hours) and board the direct ferry to the port of Sami in Kefalonia (3.5 hours).

Alternatively, arrive by car or bus at the port of Kyllini (3.5 hours) in the Peloponnese, and board the direct ferry to the port of Poros in Kefalonia (1.5 hours). 

Also from Astakos there are daily direct routes to the port of Sami in Kefalonia (2.5 hours).


Reservations/availability 2021

Sea and sail on the route of Ulysses

On a sailing boat between Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kastos, Kalamos, Atokos and many other magnificent landings.

Velainsieme this year offers weeks on a sailing boat among the most beautiful Greek islands of the Ionian Sea. Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Kastos, Kalamos, Atokos.
This is the proposal of Velainsieme for the spring / summer 2019 activity, aimed at sailing lovers and those who want to try the experience of traveling and living by boat. Sailing in these waters does not involve long transfers, most of the movements are in fact on short stretches and in calm waters where the wind is not lacking and the thrill of sailing will be fully satisfied.

From May 4th to September 28th tour/cruise of 7/15 days, choose your tour and book. Prices vary depending on the period, starting from € 450 / week up to € 650, discounts for groups and families. With crews choosing 2 weeks in addition to the tour described above we sail to Zakynthos and the south-west part of Kefalonia.

Why experience the sea on a sailing boat

When you get on a sailboat you enter another dimension than normal. 

You are on top of a floating body, the spaces are reduced and functional to specific uses. Apart from your bed, all the other spaces you have to share, as well as shopping for the galley, preparing meals and other small tasks. 

If you dive into the sea at anchor, there, the space at your disposal is infinite, so is the sky, the horizons, the large bodies of water to sail with swollen sails, the infinite amount of air that you feel flowing on your skin in the sails. 

Returning to everything you have to share you will also discover pleasant and unexpected aspects: the emotion and the desire to leave the moorings to move in search of new glimpses of nature, the expectation of a welcoming place to drop anchor and toast with your companions for an aperitif, dive into the transparent waters and explore the seabed, Lie on deck basking in the sun, doze or read a book, enjoy a sunset, have lunch or dinner outdoors in full joy.

Spending a period of life on a boat also means recharging clean energy, relaxing lulled by the sea, recharging and feeding the spirit, sight and all the senses.

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