Between Sicily and the Balearic Islands there is Sardinia

The forecast gives us a respite of at least two days, maybe three if we combine the departure and arrival times well. Let's become ambitious: if we manage to reach an average of at least 6 knots we will be able to get directly to the Balearic Islands. Yes, why not? We will leave San Vito, Sicily and Italy. We stock up on oil, parmesan and a couple of other treasures. We are ready, we go to the Balearic Islands, they are three days of crossing, the last probably with the rain but the Canary Islands will compensate us with its hot days of eternal spring.

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We leave Roccella behind, with a tread

Yes, Roccella had made us wait, despair, doubt … But when things seem to be falling apart, who knows if they are actually repositioning? Who knows, if the needle of the turntable doesn't just jump to play the right song? No longer a song, but an entire concert began that Thursday at midnight, a recital of 16 hours, over 118 miles. Continue reading “We leave Roccella behind, with a tread”

The magician Gattuso opens the door of the Tyrrhenian Sea


We wake up at dawn and head towards Capo Spartivento, with the intention of continuing the crossing. After about ten miles the engine begins to complain with a strange tremor, soon a white smoke confirms the abortion of the mission. In the absence of other ports in the southern area of Calabria, Pathfinder takes us back to Roccella. Not without worries begin possible diagnoses. Perhaps the biodiesel tank has generated some bacteria, which grow like algae, clog the bowels of the boat. Then we proceed to wash the stomach. Fortunately, a cemetery of seized boats, used to transport illegal immigrants, makes us find a large 300-liter tank, with all the patience we have, we wash the tank well and empty our diesel and we realize, paradoxically without relief, that it is clean and that this is not the problem. What happens to the boat then? Continue reading “The magician Gattuso opens the door of the Tyrrhenian Sea”