When the stones sing

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In Cagliari the walls speak. For the foreign visitor, they are much more eloquent than the Sardinians themselves, not very inclined to fortuitous chatter. A good part of the writings with spray cans in the city are manifestations of love, in fact they could be said of love to love itself, as a proud declaration of a principle of life. One walks through the city between elusive glances and suddenly comes face to face with a stone that speaks with an open heart and burns your soul.

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Sardinia land of stone.

As soon as the sea and the wind pushed us against this island, its solidity seduced our spirits. Would winter have required land, shelter, warmth, the recollection of the embrace of the bay offered by Cagliari? The first justification was the mistral, peaks of 70 knots were recorded in the port, in 15 years only three times. It struck rigorously the coast by wrecking a merchant ship in Sant'Antioco, making it impossible for fishermen to work during the Christmas period, also opening a sealing ring of our stern mooring.

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