Welcome aboard! Following the success of last season, Velainsieme is thrilled to present the exceptional programs for 2024, designed to give you unforgettable adventures amidst the waves of the Mediterranean. With the salty breeze in your hair and the sun accompanying every voyage, 2024 will be an experience not to be missed.

Season Highlights:

Long-distance Voyages: In addition to beloved destinations from last season, we’ll venture into explorations of remote places, from Corfu to the Aegean, all the way to the magical land of the Peloponnese. A boundless journey for sailing and adventure enthusiasts.

The Mythical Ionian Islands: An epic journey through the Ionian islands, the places that were once the realm of Odysseus. From Corfu to the enchanting islands of Poseidon, every glimpse will be a dive into Greek mythology.

Catamaran Sailing in the Sea of Odysseus: Experience the luxury of sailing on a catamaran, an experience that will make your trip even more extraordinary. Winds of freedom and comfort as we navigate the waters of the Sea of Odysseus.

Flotilla Sailing – A Shared Experience:

In many of the available weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to sail in a flotilla. A close-knit group of sailing enthusiasts will share experiences, laughter, and adventures. A unique opportunity for exchange, collaboration, and new friendships.

Safety and Professionalism First:

With qualified skippers on board, all AICS national sailing instructors, we guarantee safety and competence at all times. Velainsieme is registered with AICS and recognized by CONI, offering comprehensive insurance coverage for all participants.

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Contact Us Now:

Call us at +39 3381437410 or email us at info@velainsieme.org to reserve your spot and ensure yourself a 2024 season filled with sailing, friendship, and adventure!

Set sail with us, we’re ready to navigate the Sea of Odysseus together with you!