On a Sun Odyssey 38 feet 20 days in the Mediterranean traveling about 2000 miles, stopover in Algeria at Ténès, in Morocco at Al Jebeha and Medril in Andalucia and back to Sicily. Landings in Ténès (Algeria) and Medril (Spain) were forced by headwinds over 30 knots and formed seas. In the Alboran Sea you do not run away or you have it behind or in front. To avoid impacts with transport ships wake up every 30 minutes. Left on September 17 and returned on 7 – 10 – 2015. Ile de la Galite Tunisia El Jebeha Morocco Across Melilla, abundant fishingel-jebeha20150924_174700 I assure you that after 20 days at sea the energy of the sun and the Mediterranean you feel it inside!!

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