Summer 2013 of Little Tun in Croatia

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I went to Croatia because I was intrigued by that great Archipelago, the second in Europe for number of islands. The first impact is surprising as you are at sea level with a view to the east that opens into a very large high mountain range. The sea is blue and always calm, for that period of Spring the winds were mostly from the West, from the open sea they enter the Croatian Archipelago following the natural conformation of the major islands, from North West to South East. In the changes of season often the air becomes humid, you can feel it on the equipment that gets wet with the warmer and more humid air. The sky is covered and it starts to rain, sometimes intensely. Once the sun returns, the islands give their maximum splendor, green and full of trees almost touching the surface of the sea on their coasts. Almost all year paths lead to villages and peaks and many of their coasts are surrounded by paths embellished with flowers, you can take long walks enjoying the view of the open sea or towards the continent that seems to lie under the great mountains. Coming from the sea and looking at the mainland every now and then between the coastal villages you notice a lot of smoke, are the grills that heat up to the fire, are characteristic gazebos with tables and chairs, where to consume the preparation. Interesting are the calendars of the festivals of the villages, following an itinerary proposed by the Croatian Tourist Office you can watch music and dance, some of them wearing traditional costumes. We sailed tens of miles without forgetting the Kornati Islands, sweet in shape and bushy in appearance. In that small archipelago you can catch the magic of silence, it seems to enter a place where quiet is everywhere. Piero

DSCF0646 (800x600) DSCN2956 (800x600) IMGP4814 (722x480)Of course, with the great sun of August a nice hat is necessary in fact from the Sea rises the reflection of the Sun, with the breezes of the early afternoon the surface of the Sea becomes Silver and sunbathing and sea allow a sail in the wind.

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Bays give ways to be in different situationsfriends

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