On the route of Ulysses -June/September '20

Cruises of 7/14 days in the most beautiful Greek islands of the Ionian, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Kastos, Kalamos, Atokos.
This is the proposal of Velainsieme for the spring / summer 2020 activity, aimed at sailing lovers and those who want to try the experience of traveling and living by boat. Sailing in these waters does not involve long transfers, most of the movements are in fact on short stretches and in calm waters where the wind is not lacking and the thrill of sailing will be fully satisfied.

Outline program
From Sami (base port in Kefalonia, reachable by plane or ferry), we head north with a stop in the bay for a first swim in the beautiful waters of Ionian Greece. In the evening we reach Fiscardo, here we can have dinner by boat or reach the village on foot.

In the morning route on the white cliffs northwest of Ithaca. In the afternoon, we move to Kioni, a beautiful village with a beautiful bay where we can rest and enjoy a wonderful aperitif.

The next morning we focus on Atokos, giving again in its beautiful one house bay. Day of sea and relaxation and late, for those who want it, aperitif on the beach.

The tour of the week then continues with the discovery of Kalamos and Kastos, passing through Atokos where we can dive into an exclusive bay. And then again stop for Vathi (Ithaca), with its natural harbor, the largest in Europe. From here, head southeast to finally return to Sami.

We will prefer to travel sailing and stop in the bay rather than in the ports, to enjoy the sea, nature and cuisine on board. However, there will be stops on land, with visits to the enchanting villages of the Greek islands and their taverns full of the culinary delights of Ulysses' heirs. Finally, if all the crew wants to head to Zakynthos, no problem, we can plan a new tour all together.

We will divide the tasks of navigation and cooking, respecting our travel companions and above all the places we will visit careful to minimize our impact on nature and the ecosystem that will surround us. The route may vary due to weather conditions.


From May 4th to September 28th cruises of 7/15 days, choose your tour and book. Prices vary depending on the period, starting from € 450 / week in the periods of May and June up to € 650 in August. There are discounts for groups and families or for two-week cruises.

For crews who choose 2 weeks of cruise, in addition to the tour described above, we will also sail to Zakynthos and the south-west part of Kefalonia.
50€ discount for those who book by the end of February. A deposit of 30% of the cost is required when booking. 

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