Pathfinder* for smart people

Sailing, in the clean sea of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea, if you are sufficiently "smart" you can enjoy it "great".

Move when the wind helps you, stop in bays with crystal clear water, enjoy the sunrise, toast the sunset, share appetizing meals prepared with the collaboration of the whole crew, doze under the shade of the awning, bask under the hot sun

of Greece, feel the air on you while proceeding at 7/8 knots sailing, scan the sky full of shining stars


… and many other emotions to live on board Pathfinder.
(*) Pathfinder is a 48-foot (14.6m) sailing sloop of type Viva 48 Alaver

Vademecum for Argonauts

Emotions and values
Choosing to do a week or more on a sailing boat is a unique experience that enriches the mind and body, gives emotions, feeds values – such as sociability, joy, collaboration, respect for nature, calm, reflection, sharing, organization and efficiency. It teaches you to get in tune with the forces of nature: the wind, the sea, the sun. But, to fully enjoy this unique experience, it takes predisposition, you have to look on board like children who must learn, innocent, without preconceptions.

Pathfinder is not a hotel

If you think sailing could be a holiday in a floating hotel, you are not welcome. Looking for the phone socket or taking a shower every time you get out of the water, you don't like it. Not cooperating on activities they need on board such as food shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. would make you an unwelcome person. These are opportunities to bond with the crew and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Pathfinder zero waste
The care and attention in the use of scarce resources that are on board is a sign of respect for oneself and for others, teaches us to understand how much each of us consumes and impacts on the environment and how much this relationship can be improved. On average, a crew of 8/9 people on Pathfinder produces on average a large bag (condominium type) of waste per day, consisting mainly of food and beverage packaging. This involves having to drag bags of garbage in the boat if you want to sail between coves and uninhabited islets, or forces everyone to head to ports where you can deposit the cargo. On the Pathfinder we would like to limit this task with attention to the food and drinks you want to embark, there is the idea of equipping the vessel with a whole series of hermetic binders for food and beverages that will be filled from time to time, without dragging behind bulky packages, as far as bio waste is concerned, they can be released into the open sea suitably shredded. Here we want everyone's cooperation.

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