No-covid sailing in Greece

Velainsieme promotes life experiences on a sailing boat in close contact with nature in one of the most beautiful and suitable scenery in the Mediterranean.

Also this year, based on the success of the past seasons that have proved to be a winning alternative to the scenario dominated by the pandemic situation, Velainsieme offers experiences of life on a sailing boat "In the Sea of Ulysses! discovering the most beautiful islands".
From May to October 2021 very nice groups took turns on board Path Finder, the powerful 48-foot cutter used by the Association, being transported between the most beautiful islands and stopping in beautiful bays of the sea richest in history and myth there is.

Images, emotions, joy, sharing, lightheartedness, nature, sea, sport, wind, delicious food and wine, all this and much more shared with the smartest crews of the last years of Velainsieme.

For those who join in 2022, booking without deposit request (up to 20 days before departure)

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