Towards the end of November, despite continuous storm warnings, I managed to transport this boat sold by the very nice Elio, a great tuna fisherman, to Tommaso di Bari. Arrived on November 25 in the afternoon in Porto San Giorgio, after a minimum of galley and a dinner with a mythical fry at a trusted restaurant of Elio, I thank him again, I left around three and a quarter in the morning, taking advantage of a temporary calm with arrival force 7 from NO for after lunch. Arrived just at 12.30 in Ortona I stopped in port for over 1 day. Visit of the village, the castle, delicious Sunday lunch at the restaurant on the port that I highly recommend "Double Sailing" lido saraceni. (see photo). Sea out of the port really, forecasts gave for midnight on Sunday a gradual improvement. [youtube] From the port you could see the softer sea, trusting in an improvement I wanted to shorten the journey trusting in a single forced stop. Departure around eighteen. Offshore, in the dark the sea was still too big, I reduced the jib (the only open sail) to a third, constant engine at 2000 rpm, average 7.5/8 knots, I was spinning but slammed here and there by high and irregular waves, I also did a 360 °. Forced rest in the heat to save calories and energy. I arrive at the Tremiti, black as pitch, in the middle of the night, I pass south, I finally make a stretch with almost calm sea close to the archipelago. Then it starts again, at dawn here is Vieste, I leave it to starboard with the sea that slowly, finally, dampens its strength, I eat, I relax, I open the bow. In the end with only 8/9 knots from behind I arrive in Bari in the early afternoon …Full of sun, sea and wind!!!

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