Gone with the wind, Lefkada Athens passing through the Peloponnese

This year do not miss the opportunity to discover the Peloponnese in a long and beautiful navigation.
Velainsieme has planned this navigation to reach the Aegean Sea in front of Athens, we will spend there three weeks discovering the Saronic islands and part of the Cyclades and then return to the Ionian Sea through the Strait of Corinth.
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In 2022, thanks to the insistence of a Swiss couple who absolutely wanted to build as many miles as possible, we went from Kefalonia to touch the second tip of the Peloponnese.

I personally was impressed and enchanted by the appearance of nature and the places visited. Wild and ancestral, taste of the East, are the words that best fix the memory of this trip.

The Peloponnese is a piece of Greece, geographically, historically and culturally. Among its rugged mountains and green valleys rise the cities of ancient myth and some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe, Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games; Mycenae, cradle of the homonymous civilization; Argos, kingdom of Agamemnon; Sparta, bitter rival of Athens; Arcadia, area of bucolic fame and beauty. The Middle Ages have left evident traces in the Peloponnese, with characteristic fortified villages, sometimes in a dizzying position overlooking the sea. For a Greece different from the usual, culture, transparent sea, good food.


14 May
Gone with the wind, Lefkada-Athens passing through
the Peloponnese Discovering the southern Ionian islands and the Peloponnese (Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos, the three points of the Peloponnese, Aegina): flotilla on a Bavaria 46 Holiday and a Viva 48
(15 places available)
750 € per person (full boat 4200/4500 €). For those who decide to do more steps custom offer.
12 nights