Summer '22, veiling-together intensely

Last week of sailing in October

I have just taken leave, with a bit of melancholy, from the last crew of this long and intense season, the Australians Nicholas and Michelle and the Spanish Victor. I must admit to being a little proud of the enthusiasm received after sharing with them 7 days, following the lineup of a DJ (as said by Michelle) in a crescendo of emotions made of places, nature, sailing. The images and video fragments speak for themselves 😉

After 6 days of October sun, a day of clouds and wind
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What about the whole season, retracing in my memory I see the intense and lively images of the days spent in the company of all the guests who took turns on board Path Finder. With them I shared the light, the crystal clear water, the sailing, the taste of meals consumed on the boat and on land, the proximity, the conviviality and a bit of philosophy that in the boat between sky, sea, nature, elements in which you are continuously immersed, is inspired spontaneously.

4 days told by guests with a video

Mileage building

In green Switzerland, landlocked, to obtain a boat license after taking the theoretical exams it is necessary to embark to achieve 1000 nautical miles certified by skipper / captains of the boat willing to support the neophyte in the essential maneuvers to conduct and manage the boat. This summer I had guests a nice couple from Geneva, together we traveled in 7 days 350 MN reaching the Peloponnese to the end of the second finger and return to Kefalonia. Only 250 were needed but to avoid misunderstandings …. As they say: better abundare quam deficere. Lots of sailing, sea and unusual places with an oriental flavor.

South West Greece

Sailtogether on the galleon for neophyte corsairs

This year we successfully proposed 7-day boat experiences on the beautiful galleon "Corsaro di Santa Maura" a vessel built entirely of wood based on a design of the late eighteenth century but with all the comforts of a modern cruise boat.
Kitchen and cook who prepared for guests delicacies of typical Greek cuisine, cabins with private bathroom, air conditioning, dinette with plasma TV, water sports equipment, two decks to lie outdoors. Accompanied by the good skipper Makis and his son Dimitri, to visit the most beautiful places of the islands of the ancient kingdom of Ulysses, the passengers were happy and really appreciated our proposal.

Story of a witness

Transfer of a Jeanneau Gin Fizz 40 from Carloforte to Cagliari with the help of the mistral.

Changing the tops of the Lazy Jack

Mirco took his boat license at the age of 25, moved by curiosity for the elements, nature, the force of the wind. But then, as sometimes happens, life led him through various paths not always converging with that of sailing. Although windsurfing kept him in touch with the sea and the wind, the will to sail did not seem to find an appropriate way to impose himself.

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When the stones sing


In Cagliari the walls speak. For the foreign visitor, they are much more eloquent than the Sardinians themselves, not very inclined to fortuitous chatter. A good part of the writings with spray cans in the city are manifestations of love, in fact they could be said of love to love itself, as a proud declaration of a principle of life. One walks through the city between elusive glances and suddenly comes face to face with a stone that speaks with an open heart and burns your soul.

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Sardinia land of stone.

As soon as the sea and the wind pushed us against this island, its solidity seduced our spirits. Would winter have required land, shelter, warmth, the recollection of the embrace of the bay offered by Cagliari? The first justification was the mistral, peaks of 70 knots were recorded in the port, in 15 years only three times. It struck rigorously the coast by wrecking a merchant ship in Sant'Antioco, making it impossible for fishermen to work during the Christmas period, also opening a sealing ring of our stern mooring.

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Between Sicily and the Balearic Islands there is Sardinia

The forecast gives us a respite of at least two days, maybe three if we combine the departure and arrival times well. Let's become ambitious: if we manage to reach an average of at least 6 knots we will be able to get directly to the Balearic Islands. Yes, why not? We will leave San Vito, Sicily and Italy. We stock up on oil, parmesan and a couple of other treasures. We are ready, we go to the Balearic Islands, they are three days of crossing, the last probably with the rain but the Canary Islands will compensate us with its hot days of eternal spring.

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